Measurement Mavens of the Month: Those of You Who Use, or Have Pledged to Use, Measurement Standards

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By Katie Delahaye Paine—26% of respondents in the USC Annenberg GAP VIII study said that they now use measurement standards that have been recommended by professional organizations, and another 13% say they are considering adopting standards. Huzzah! We present these measurement role models our Measurement Maven of the Month award. And if you sign the standards pledge at, we’ll even send you some very special measurement M&Ms.

Seriously, those are much more encouraging numbers than the ones reported by the CARMA/PR News study in April that showed that 20% of PR people still use multipliers and 27% still use AVEs. I’m guessing that the difference in results is more a reflection of the nature of the respondents than anything else. USC Annenberg respondents tend to be higher ups: 62% are the most senior communications professionals in their organizations, which are $1 billion+ companies. All the more reason for naming them Measurement Mavens. Because if they are adopting the standards, then they will force their agencies and research vendors to comply as well.

Of course that means we have to call out the 20.5% that say they are using proprietary metrics. I shall rap them on the knuckles with the Queen’s ruler, then consign them to that special place in hell reserved for people who continue to use bad metrics. ∞

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