Measurement and Survivial in the Era of Constant Crisis

The Paine of Measurement

In our world today every hour brings a new crisis—be it political, celebrity, climate, natural disaster, or some other flavor of a red flag—trying to get our attention. You know what I’m talking about, right? The constant alerts on our phones, the steady stream of “unprecedented” news from the White House, the continuous reminders of all the news on all the other myriad media we consume… Life is one constant crisis and our fight-or-flight response mechanisms are overtaxed. We’ve been on the threshold of panic for so long, it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s a crisis and what isn’t.

I feel a bit guilty about devoting an entire issue of The Measurement Advisor to talking about the one thing we can all agree there’s just too much of. But as communications professionals and self-confessed news junkies it’s not like we can stop paying attention and shrug it all off with a giant “Whatever.” It’s just not in our DNA.

And it’s clear from our readership data that you readers are definitely interested in how measurement can help you avoid and manage a crisis. (Our last crisis issue was in the spring of last year. To catch up on that, see “Your Guide to Risk and Crisis Communications Measurement”.) Besides, at last month’s 16th annual Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement we had so many great discussions about measuring and managing crises, it only makes sense to continue that conversation.

So, as much as I’d love to snap my fingers and turn into my cat, or better yet an ostrich, we’ve decided to embrace the times and the topic and provide a few solutions to the problems that measurement faces in our era of constant crisis.

In this issue:

— A guide to the kinds of crises you’re most likely to confront in 2020 and what it will take for you to respond effectively to whatever comes your way: Your Inevitable Next Organizational Crisis: What It Will Be and How to Respond.

— Crisis management doesn’t work like it used to: 5 Keys to Restoring Trust: What an Effective Crisis Response Will Be In 2020. Plus: Our handy An-Answer-for-Every-Crisis chart!

— How to measure all that bad stuff that didn’t end up in the headlines: Crisis Measurement for the Crisis You Avoided.

— Whether you are a comms newbie or an old pro, here’s classic and indispensable crisis advice: How to Manage a Crisis: 4 Quick Tips.

— Another installment in our MeasHERment Interview series: The MeasHERment Interview: Tina McCorkindale.

— Keep up with the world of measurement with our November 2019 Communications Measurement Media Medley.

— As always we recognize the best and worst of measurement—this time Crisis Flavored!:

— And of course we have writing help from Daphne Gray-Grant, with Tame Your Email Monster.

Happy Measurement!

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