Marching Through Your Measurement To Do List


to-do-list1In March, those of us who live in the Northeast get a bit antsy. It’s mud season. Which means that it’s too cold to work on boats, too muddy to garden, and too wet to work outside. The projects are stacking up, and all we can turn to Google and search for “how to make a hoop house.” Or “trellis ideas.” Or whatever tops your to do list.

Which is the way I imagine most PR people feel as they come to the end of the first quarter. So many things on the to do list, so little time to get them all done. And for many you don’t even know where to start.

We’re here to help. We’ve put together a springtime shower of “how to” articles and checklists to ensure you make progress against those Q1 goals. Your to do list might come in like a lion this month, but these practical guides will help it go out like a lamb.

This month we’ll be covering:

  1. How to design a social media measurement program…Read more.
  2. A step-by-step checklist to organize and guide your social media measurement…coming later this month!
  3. How to measure and evaluate community relationscoming later this month!
  4. How to decide whether or not to use an automated system for sentiment analysiscoming later this month!
  5. A checklist for developing media analysis coding instructionscoming later this month!
  6. How to make sure measurement stays in your budgetRead more.
  7. How to measure analyst relations programsRead more.

We trust that both editions of this month’s The Measurement Advisor will get you past the end of the quarter and well on your way to a successful spring. ∞

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