Love It ???? vs. Leave It ☹️ : Measurement Metrics You Need to Dump Today, and How to Replace Them

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In order to move successfully into this brave new world of meaningful measurement metrics, you’re going to have to dump a lot of the numbers you’ve been using for years. Here’s a chart that will help you clean out your junk drawer of measurement metrics. It’s a list of metrics we hate ☹️ (and you should dump), along with the metrics to replace them with (that we love ????). Welcome to a new and better measurement program!

Discipline Metrics to Dump ☹️ What to Replace Them With ???? How It’s Done
Media Relations      
  AVE Reduction in cost of messages communicated Analyze your top tier media coverage for whether it contains one or more of your key messages. Divide the media relations budget for the month or quarter by the number of messages that appeared.
  Impressions Media Impact Score Read this article on how to do it.
  UVM Goal conversions from earned media Watch this video on how to do it.
  SOV % share of desirable coverage vs. the competition. Reduction in share of undesirable coverage vs. the competition.  
  Mentions Kick Butt Index (aka Media Quality Score) Read this article and watch this video.
Social Media      
  Hits/Clicks Engagement Quality Index Read this article on how to do it.
  Engagement Amplification The number of times a story is shared by journalists or influencers.
  Attendees % of attendees remembering your message Do pre and post surveys
  Hits Share of desirable voice in media; share of event hashtag Do media content analysis of event coverage
  Booth visits Qualified leads Use a CRM system
  Visitors Reduction in cost per minute spent with prospect Calculate the cost of the event divided by the number of actual conversations or leads you collect.
Internal Comms      
  Email opens % of employees who understand and know how to act on priorities Use a knowledge quiz or pulse survey
  Email clicks % read and % shared Compare to industry benchmarks, like in this article
  Engagement Willingness to recommend Bespoke definition of what an engaged employee does. And/or a pulse survey. Read this article and this one, too.
    Alignment Do a Leader Say/Do Survey, this article tells you how.

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