Know Way: Your January 2021 Communications Measurement Reading List

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Happy New Year! Too much to read? Here are the most interesting communications measurement-related articles we’ve run across recently:

Data visualization

The 40 Weirdest (And Best) Charts We Made In This Long, Strange Year
Continuing their tradition of celebrating the best — and weirdest — charts they’ve published in the last 12 months.

Don’t be misled: How to interpret data in infographics
SAS Voices
Explore some of the special features of infographics that make them particularly challenging to interpret correctly.

What are Earned Media Visuals and Why Should You Create Them?
Business Wire
Excellent advice on creating using images to connect with reporters and PR audiences.

[A fabulous example of an infographic, see below]
Melissa Shusterman’s Twitter feed @melissaforPA
“Putting Kamala Harris as VP into perspective. See the red box? Until then, she would have been enslaved.See the blue box? Until then, she couldn’t vote. Yellow box? Until then, she had to attend a segregated school. The green one? Until then she couldn’t have her own bank account”

Moving beyond vanity metrics

Slaying the Monster Measurement Myth of Impressions
$ PRWeek
How agencies are helping clients break the habit with KPIs more closely tied to business results.

Powering Modern SEO with Social Media Data
“In this paper, we demonstrate examples of using social media data effectively to inform SEO and how this approach aligns with Google’s most recent technology announcements.”

Five Approaches To Measure The ROI Of Public Relations
“PR might not be as straightforward or analytics-driven as a paid advertising campaign, but you can put a value on its success. Here are five measures that can help you identify whether your PR campaign is effective…”

Big Measurement Industry Big News

Isentia’s ‘CEO is paid over $1m… yet they cry poor’: Streem slams rivals
“…Isentia and Meltwater… which boast an estimated 85% share of the local media monitoring market, are seeking a cut in the copyright fees they pay to access news content for clients.”

PR software giant Cision cuts staff after Meltwater merger fails
Business Insider
Insiders at PR software giant Cision are wondering what’s next after layoffs and an exodus of top execs.

Brace yourself!

Businesses Should Expect – and Prepare for – Even More Scrutiny on Political Giving
Abernathy MacGregor Public Affairs Update
“Now, businesses must continue navigating this chaotic and divisive political moment while answering tough questions… Here’s what businesses should think about as they prepare for the future…”

21 Influencers Share Stellar Advice for Digital Marketing in 2021
Garrett Public Relations
“I asked 21 influencers to share their thoughts on this question: What one piece of marketing advice would you offer to brands as we head into the new year? Here’s what they had to say…”

Our Concept of Success is Wrong
Data Driven Investor
“Using old economic measures in 2021 is irrelevant.”

The Top 15 Public Relations Insights of 2020
Institute for Public Relations
“The Institute for Public Relations annually compiles some of the best research that we think public relations professionals should know about from the previous year.”

‘Rona revelations

Has the Pandemic Transformed the Office Forever?
The New Yorker
An exploration of the pros and cons of several large firms’ efforts to switch to virtual offices. Lots of office design history, survey questions and results, and hybrid home-office experiments.

AIs that read sentences are now catching coronavirus mutations
MIT Technology Review
“NLP algorithms designed for words and sentences can also be used to interpret genetic changes in viruses—speeding up lab work to spot new variants.”

You can’t escape politics

Tips for Communicating Internally and Externally in a Divided Country
PR News
“The questions for communicators: Do you craft messages differently, internally and externally, when you know the country is divided politically, and in other ways? In addition, do you change communication to adapt to the fact that a significant portion of the electorate believes the election was rigged, and, by extension, the true winner will not be inaugurated Jan. 20?”

Election misinformation dropped 73 percent following Trump’s suspension from Twitter: research
The Hill
“Misinformation surrounding the topic of election fraud dropped by 73 percent after President Trump and several others were suspended from mainstream social media accounts, according to research conducted by Zignal Labs.”

Introducing The Zignal Mis- and Disinformation Resource Center
Zignal Labs
“…Zignal has started compiling our guidance on how to identify and combat potential mis- and disinformation in a new designated Resource Center.”

As Law Enforcement Faces Tough Questions, Truth is Best PR Asset
PR News
“…minimizing, omitting facts or speaking without confirming facts are the last things law enforcement should be doing from a crisis communication perspective.” ∞

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