Industry Update, Late February 2015: Juicy details about Cision’s marriages, CyberAlert’s new star, and an industry divorce

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As in most modern marriages, there is always the issue of who takes whose name. A decade ago the fashion was to do the hyphen thing. But when divorced children with hyphenated names ended up with four or more of them, sanity and tradition won out and once again couples today are going with the groom’s name.

Just so with the marriage between Cision and all the other measurement companies GTCR has acquired in the last year.

The latest to take the groom’s name is Visible Technologies, which has now been rebranded as “Cision.” It’s a head scratcher: Visible was long a star in the social media space, earning a top ranking in Forrester’s review just last year. Meanwhile Cision is best known for its clipping service, providing bogus measurement in the form of AVEs, and as a source of media lists that annoy reporters by spewing a continuous stream of press releases. It’s the business equivalent of the high class debutante with a name that goes back to the Mayflower marrying the local drug dealer. And in this case the drug is Ad Value Equivalency.

But a name is just the pretty bow on the outside. The substantial change that was just announced to Cision customers is that the integration of the Cision/Vocus platform will happen this spring and the platform will look a whole lot more like Vocus than CisionPoint. Which means that a lot of customers are going to be looking at a different interface. We’ll be curious to see how that goes. I’d rather use chopsticks to shovel my way through the 12-foot snow pile outside my house than try to navigate through CisionPoint. So, my guess is that the long-suffering Cision customers will be delighted.

And while we’re talking weddings, CyberAlert has announced its new Sales Director: long-time IPR mover and shaker Michelle Hinson — professor, columnist, and soon to be Chair of the Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission. CyberAlert has long been known for its affordable print, video, and social media clipping services. Hinson’s deep knowledge of measurement and standards in particular should be a good fit.

Then there’s another — if not a full-on marriage, then perhaps a long term live-in situation. Zignal Labs, part of the big-data crowd, is now working with iQ media to expand its offering to include television content. By adding television to its print, online, LexisNexis, and social media coverage Zignal Labs now provides the full suite of media for its customers.

This just in: And you can’t have this many marriages without at least once mentioning divorce. Angie Jeffrey will be leaving Salience Insight and joining her former partner Gary Getto at Advertising Benchmark Index providing advertising evaluation benchmarks. ∞


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