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Welcome to the brave new world of 2017! Given how much news has flowed through our Twitter feed in the last month, 2016 seems like an eon ago. We trust that all of you took a well-deserved break during the holidays. I know I did.

But now I sit back down at my desk, with a new computer, a new president, and a new world full of fake news and propaganda. In times as uncertain, as cynical, and as rancorous as these, it’s appropriate to touch base with our friends and colleagues around the world to see how they are feeling. We left the politics out (we’ve all had enough of that for now), and asked them to reflect on the measurement seen in 2016 and what is coming in 2017. Read their thoughts here.

And of course, I couldn’t resist a few predictions of my own.

The long holiday break gave us time to think about what you our readers might want and need in 2017. One thing everyone is asking for is more time in our days. To that end, we are bucking the trend of ever-more frequent emails, and actually reducing the number of mailings you’ll be getting. Instead of two editions of The Measurement Advisor each month, we’re going to send you just one. Don’t worry, you’ll still get the same number of high quality in-depth stories, how-tos, and tips. We’re just going to consolidate them into a single issue. And, as always, all our content is available anytime (some articles require a subscription).

We’ll also be replacing electronic outreach with more real-life experiences. After the success of our first Measurement Base Camp training day, we’ll be doing another one this spring. And we hope to do several more around the country and possibly Europe as well. Don’t forget that, as a subscriber, you can always ask me anything in our monthly Katie Paine’s Measurement Hour live chat.

In 2017, we hope to make our content more appealing to those who feel under-served by general measurement discussions. We’ll be tailoring our content, our issues, and our programs to specific industries. Next month, February, will be all about CSR and non-profit measurement. We’ll be devoting future issues to measurement of higher education, regulated industries, start-ups, and health care.

Finally, we’ll be counseling all of you on the massive changes that are happening in the media and measurement world in 2017. From preparing for and measuring the impact of a presidential tweet, to attempts at controlling fake news: we’ll be there with the measurement perspective.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year,

Measure on!

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