How to Get the Best from Your Measurement Sherpa

Sherpa Tenzing Everest summit

This article is part of The Measurement Advisor’s Special Issue on the Measurement Sherpa, an in-house data wrangler and measurement resource who organizes, queries, and gains insight from data. Our coverage follows the development of a Sherpa’s skill and experience, from newbie to pro, and is organized in three levels:

sherpa badge level 1

Sherpa Level One: Getting Out of Base Camp

sherpa badge level 2Sherpa Level Two: Climbing the Mountain

sherpa badge level 3Sherpa Level Three: Peak Operations

Congrats! You’ve found yourself a Measurement Sherpa, someone to mind your data and put it to good use. Now make sure you keep them functioning at their best. Here are some tips on the care and feeding of your new employee.

1. Keep them focused on their own jobs.

A good Sherpa needs to stay focused on the task, whether it be putting metrics in place, getting everyone to adhere to them, or analyzing results and finding answers. Don’t allow his or her time to be co-opted by other projects.

2. Reward them for a job well done.

The best reward you can give a Sherpa (besides a raise :)) is to give them the satisfaction of knowing that their report or data has influenced your organization in a positive way. So never neglect an opportunity to show your appreciation of their efforts. Chocolate’s nice. Or a bottle of champagne; whatever works.

3. Give them the keys to the library.

Sherpas need data the way humans need air, so make sure they have access to as much as possible. Use your power and influence to ensure that your Sherpa has access to all the various data reports and research studies within your organization.

4. Provide the time and opportunity to learn more.

Measurement is a constantly changing science — as much if not more than, the rest of the communications world. Your Sherpa needs to be on top of all the latest developments. So make sure you give him or her time to read, time to go to conferences, time to absorb all the changes. ∞

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