DIY Communications Measurement: Teach Yourself 5 Vital Skills With These How-to Videos

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As the economy collapses and unemployment mounts, the days of being able to just hire someone to do your measurement for you may be over for awhile. You might have to learn to do a few things for yourself. So we’ve assembled a series of Paine Publishing DIY communications measurement videos, narrated by Katie Paine herself. These will help you navigate the basic-yet-vital elements of measurement:

1. Want to create your own media quality score for your media? Here’s how:

2. Wondering how to do Excel pivot tables? Here’s how:

3. Trying to figure out how to set up goal conversions in Google Analytics? Here’s how:

4. Need to correlate your analytics with your media results? Check out our video on correlations:

5. Trying to figure out what it all means? Try out conditional formatting in Excel:

Still don’t quite feel like you’re ready to be a Measurement Maven? Sign up for Paine Publishing’s next Measurement Base Camp starting in July. 🙂

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