December 2019 Measurement Media Medley

Who has time to keep up with the busy world of communications measurement? Now you do! Or at least you can browse our list of this month’s most interesting reads, chosen mostly by what made Katie Paine or I go “Whoa!” and email them to our friends:

TMAI #191: Black Friday’s White Analysis
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From Avinash’s post: “Black Friday (BF) selling is behind us. I’m sure, like me, you are obsessing about how well your company’s campaigns performed. While we do brand (love) and performance (money) marketing most of the year, BF is all about performance. Here’s what I’m analyzing…”

The Incredibly True Story of Fake Headlines
“…the actual news doesn’t have to be fake, just the headlines.”

20 Influencers Predict What Lies Ahead for Communicators in 2020
Garrett PR
“I asked 20 influencers to look into the future and share their thoughts on this question: “What lies ahead for communicators in 2020?” Here’s what they predict.”

What Henry V can teach us
By Jon Meakin for AMEC
“What Henry V can teach us about persuading clients to abandon old-fashioned measurement models…”

Oversampling is used to study small groups, not bias poll results
Pew Research Center
“Every election year, questions arise about how polling techniques and practices might skew poll results one way or the other…”

Keywee introduces a new Loyalty Score to help publishers reach the most valuable readers
“…the score does exactly what the name suggests — it measures reader loyalty, based on how many times someone returns to the site and how many pages they view.”

On Newspaper Headlines as Relevance Optimizers
By Daniel Dor via ResearchGate
“…the paper makes the claim that headlines are designed to optimize the relevance of their stories for their readers: Headlines provide the readers with the optimal ratio between contextual effect and processing effort, and direct readers to construct the optimal context for interpretation.”

The Practical Guide: For Applying Effective Machine Learning to Social Listening Analysis
“…a new 48-page eBook… designed to fill a gap in the industry by getting beyond hype into how machine learning can and should be applied to drive more insight, accuracy, and impact from this data source. It’s designed to help bridge the needs between listening analysts, data scientists and market research folks.”

We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here’s What We Learned
By Laura Sydell on NPR
“A lot of fake and misleading news stories were shared across social media during the election..”

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