Dashboard Creation Checklist


Getting ready to design a communications dashboard? Get your ducks in a row. Here is a checklist of things you need to know before you can start designing your ideal dashboard.

Step 1: Define your universe
[frontend-checklist name=”Define your universe”]

Step 2: Check all the activities that you want to measure on your dashboard:
[frontend-checklist name=”Check activities”]
Step 3: What source(s) do you need to populate your dashboard? (Check all that apply)

For Traditional Media:

[frontend-checklist name=”What sources traditional”]

For Public Affairs:

[frontend-checklist name=”Public Affairs”]

For Social Media:

[frontend-checklist name=”What sources social”]

For Owned Social Media:

[frontend-checklist name=”Source Owned Social”]

For Web Marketing:

[frontend-checklist name=”Web Marketing”]

For Internal Communications:

[frontend-checklist name=”Internal Communications”]
Step 4: Define your benchmark 
[frontend-checklist name=”Benchmark”]
Step 5: What are your measures of success (Check all that apply)
[frontend-checklist name=”Metrics”]
Step 6: What correlations or connections are you trying to prove? (Check all that apply)
[frontend-checklist name=”Correlations”]
Step 7: How often do you want updated data?
[frontend-checklist name=”often”]
Step 8: In what formats might you need to present results?
[frontend-checklist name=”format”]
Step 9: Last but not least, make sure you have consensus on your answers.

All finished? Congrats! Now you can take this list to your internal IT, Tableau, or dashboard development team and they will get you on the path to a data-informed future.

And if you don’t have the internal resources to develop your dashboard, feel free to call Paine Publishing. Katie Paine will be happy to help you design and/or implement it. She’s reachable by phone (603-682-0735) or simply email her.

(To print out this checklist,  click here to download it as a PDF file.)




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