We Never Imagined Communications Measurement Like This

The Paine of Measurement, June 2021

Our June 2021 issue of The Measurement Advisor is all about how measurement relates to things we never would have imagined five years ago. From viruses, to vaccines, to deep fakes, to share of search, to the media’s impact on startup funding. We cover all these new challenges and opportunities, review last month’s AMEC Summit, plus preview our own Diversity and Inclusion Measurement Summit coming in October.

Vaccination fascination

First of all, the global pandemic has provided one of the greatest communications measurement experiments in modern history: the effort to ensure that 70% of Americans are fully vaccinated by July 4th. While it now looks like the project won’t meet its goal, it has nonetheless provided a fascinating real-life laboratory for us to study the impact of communications on human behavior.

We’ve seen every conceivable form of incentive, from college tuition to free beer, guns, and fishing licenses. More importantly, we’ve seen every conceivable form of communications, from press releases to publicity stunts to influencer marketing to community outreach. All of these are now being tested in real life to see what is most effective. We’ve looked at the numbers, and they are promising, but the data needs work. Here’s our take: Beer vs. Tuition vs. Lottery Tickets: Which Vaccination Incentives Are More Effective?

New technology and techniques

And then there were all the previously unimaginable technologies and measurement techniques presented at the recent AMEC Global Measurement and Evaluation Summit. So many great ideas and so much great data—it was mind-blowing to me and many in the audience. I heard words and concepts that I’ve never heard at a PR measurement conference before. Here are summaries of our favorite presentations:

Coming this October: How to Measure Diversity and Advocacy Communications

We also preview our own annual Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement, now open for early bird registration, that focuses on another hot topic: Measuring Diversity and Advocacy Communications. Hope to see you there!

And our regular columns…

We hope you get some time off this (hopefully post-COVID) summer to relax and prepare for a brave new world this fall.

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