Call for Nominations: The Best in Public Relations Measurement 2014

Best in Measurement trophy

Announcing the first Paine Publishing Annual Award for the Best in Measurement – the BIMies for short.

For years, in my previous publications, I’ve sat around on a cold day in early December thinking back on the year and deciding what I thought were the best and worst measurement developments of the year. I was the nominating committee, judge, and jury all rolled into one. But now is the era of crowdsourcing and transparency. So this year I’m turning the nominations over to all of you, our faithful readers.

So go to our Facebook page, or email us at to give your nominations for the Best in Measurement 2014.  Your nomination can be a tool, product, platform, speech, or development. Just tell us what category to put it in and why you think it’s the best. Thank you for your nominations!

Nominations so far:

Best Measurement Graphic of the Year: Michael Ziviani’s PowerPoint for the Measurement Summit

Best New Development for Influence Measurement: Little Bird

Best Measurement Papers of the Year: The papers in The Best Research From the 2014 IPRRC

Best New Measurement Event:  HealthCam in Brisbane, Australia


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