Book Review: “PR Technology, Data and Insights—Igniting a Positive Return on Your Communications Investment” by Mark Weiner

Longtime measurement expert Mark Weiner has just come out with a new book: “PR Technology, Data and Insights—Igniting a Positive Return on Your Communications Investment.” In it he calls on his decades of experience in public relations measurement to craft a detailed recipe for today’s PR pros on how to navigate, use, and optimize the myriad tools available. If you’re feeling clueless about all the new tools and techniques out there, it’s a good place to start.

A guide to technology and data

The book first tackles the wide array of current technologies, and helps the reader navigate the forest of choice, from AI to podcasts. In the Data section Weiner details the varieties of data available to PR pros these days. He then walks through how to make sense of them, and how to glean insights from them.

Weiner then dives deep into other forms of research useful for PR, from landscape analysis to using data to formulate strategies and tactics. Throughout the book, he illustrates his points with detailed case studies gleaned from the dozens of clients with which he has worked over the years.

If you’ve heard Mark speak at any of his (many) PR measurement conference engagements, then these stories may sound familiar. But each is an important illustration of why and how PR practitioners need to make the effort to understand and implement similar models.

New hires need to read this book

This book should be required reading in PR 101 classes. There’s good solid beginner stuff that explains many of the tools and concepts that a PR person will encounter in the early days of their career.

It also contains some pretty sophisticated discussions of research methodology and how to apply it. Stuff that may be miles over the head of a beginner. He mixes familiar basic concepts like setting objectives and determining outputs, outtakes, and outcomes with how to use research to define and reach specific target audiences.

It’s the absolutely perfect book to give to the new data analyst you just hired to deal with measurement. That bright young person who knows data backwards and forwards, but is clueless about PR and communications. It’s also good for a PR practitioner who wants to up their knowledge of the current state of PR data and technology. ∞

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