A Priceless Gift for You: How to Show the Value of Your Work

Ho, ho ho! In the holiday spirit of giving, we’ve packaged the best of The Measurement Advisor into three useful gifts for you, dear readers. For a limited time only, no subscription required. One is below, here are the other two: 

? A Special Gift for Measurement Beginners: The 12 Checklists of Christmas

? The Gift of Peace of Mind: How to Measure Your Way Out of a Communications Crisis

Merry Measuring from Paine Publishing! 

How to Show the Value of Your Work

Most of us have, at least once in our career, struggled to put a business value on the work we do. In part, it’s because some of our most significant efforts, like establishing relationships and building trust, take years to bear fruit, and attribution is always a challenge. Other more visible achievements may have short term impact but, again, claiming attribution can put you on shaky ground.

And so this holiday gift from Paine Publishing includes all the tips and techniques you need to demonstrate your value to  your boss, the c-suite, and your board of directors—whoever needs to understand and appreciate the impact your efforts have on the organization:

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