6 Reasons Why You Really Want to Become a Measurement Sherpa


Measurement Sherpa Level 1

This article is part of The Measurement Advisor’s Special Issue on the Measurement Sherpa, an in-house data wrangler and measurement resource who organizes, queries, and gains insight from data. Our coverage follows the development of a Sherpa’s skill and experience, from newbie to pro, and is organized in three levels:

sherpa badge level 1

Sherpa Level One: Getting Out of Base Camp

sherpa badge level 2Sherpa Level Two: Climbing the Mountain

sherpa badge level 3Sherpa Level Three: Peak Operations

If you have the aptitude and the attitude, then you want to become a Measurement Sherpa. Here’s why:

1. You always have data to prove your point.

Part of the beauty of being a Measurement Sherpa is that you keep track of tons of data. You may not have all of it at your fingertips, but you’ll know where to find it. This means you will always be the go-to person to settle arguments, and you’ll always be able to make your case.

2. You know the difference between truth and BS.

You’ll be able to identify the bullshitters from the truth tellers, because you’ll have the real data.

3. You become the most popular person in the department because you have all the answers.

The best part of being a Measurement Sherpa is that you are very popular because you have the answers. Imagine being able to answer these questions with a few clicks.

  • How did the new group do last quarter?
  • What tactic works best when we launch a product?
  • We need to send someone out to do a road show: Who’s the most effective spokesperson we have on (fill in the hot topic here)?
  • What did we get for all that money we spent on those promoted Tweets?
  • What’s more effective: Google Ad Words, promoted Tweets, or just doing some organic stuff?

4. You’re always on the inside track.

One of the advantages of sitting on all the metrics is that people are very reluctant to make decisions without it. Therefore you get called into lots of projects early enough to save money, time, and effort. Which further enhances your status as “The most valuable person in the department.”

5. You get to travel.

OK, you only get to travel if you work for a global organization. But if you do, this perk can be awesome. The thing is, sometimes measurement is just too complicated to explain on a conference call. You might actually have to go out and train people on it, in all those offices out there around the world. When you do, here’s a tip: Take an extra suitcase; the shopping can be terrific.

6. You are guaranteed a seat at the table.

There is nothing that senior leadership loves more than numbers and charts and graphs. And you are the master in that department. Plus, because you know how to tell a story with those numbers, you will be the one called into the board room to present the metrics. ∞

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