2019 Is A Year to Be Thankful For

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Looking back on 2019, it’s been a year to be thankful for. It’s wonderful that I have a job that keeps me curious, exploring, and discovering new things every day. One of my greatest pleasures is sharing that learning and all those discoveries with you our readers. Thank you all for reading both The Measurement Advisor and Katie Paine’s Measurement Blog.

And it’s been a great year for measurement here at Paine Publishing, despite or because of presidential scandals, the 2020 election (that I think started in 2018), some truly weird weather, and all the other vicissitudes of age and life that come with living through another year. We are happy to welcome dozens of new readers and subscribers to The Measurement Advisor family. We had a record number of attendees at our annual events: Measurement Base Camp and Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement.

Our clients challenged us to improve their dashboards, audit their results, and develop truly integrated measurement models.We’ve tackled some really interesting challenges, from figuring out how to measure a crisis before it happens, to developing a system for measuring empathy.

And, in the department of blowing my own horn, let me just point out that this year I was so very pleased to be awarded the Jack Felton Lifetime Achievement Gold Medal by the Institute for Public Relations. That’s me, in that photo to the left, being congratulated by Dr. Don Stacks. As only the fourth person to receive this award, the highest honor in communications measurement, I am really very thrilled.

In our December issue of The Measurement Advisor we’re taking some time to look back at the year, celebrating the highlights and condemning the lows. Thanks for keeping life interesting.

In this issue:

— A few things to be thankful for: The 7 Best Things to Happen to Measurement in 2019.

— It helps to learn from our mistakes: Measurable Disasters: The Top 10 Worst Communications Moments of 2019.

— Santa-enabled measurement tools that sure would make our lives easier in the new year: Dear Santa: The Measurement Queen’s Wish List for Santa.

— The data-inclined on your holiday gift list will appreciate these: Measurement Gifts: Our 2019 Holiday Guide.

— As long as we are in the Yuletide spirit, a re-vamped a traditional carol for your pleasure: On the 12th Day of Measurement Christmas My Dashboard Gave to Me…

— Someone to be very thankful for: The Measurement Maven of the Year: Heather Fysh.

— Boo: The Measurement Menace of the Year

— As always, Daphne-Gray Grant, The Publication Coach, provides valuable advice: Harness Your Willpower to Improve Your Writing.

— And if you need more measurement, here’s how to keep up with the most interesting developments: December 2019 Measurement Media Medley.

Happy Holidays and measure on,

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