Let me tell you something…October 11th through the 13th was a blast. And if you considered attending but didn’t, then I feel sad for you. “Um…Attending what exactly?”  Read on:

This October marked the 12th year of the Institute of Public Relations’ PR Measurement Summit and the 5th annual meeting of The Conclave on Social Media Measurement Standards.  It was my first time attending both and I’m here to give you the scoop on things day by day:

Sunday, October 11th

Sunday evening consisted of welcome cocktails. It was a modest turn out, but a great way to “break the ice” via exchanging hellos and introductions.  (And for the first time ever, I got to rock one of those hanging nametags. Full transparency: I saved it too.)

Monday, October 12th

Monday reminded me of being in college because I got to sit through a wonderful line-up of speakers. Except instead of being surrounded by peers fiddling with their smartphones, I got to sit among roughly 30 focused professionals….Now that’s what I call an upgrade!

Topics of presentations included “Why Data Science is Sexy” (by Marcia DiStaso) and hearing a firsthand account about “How Measurement and Analysis Turned around the Image of Atlantic City” (by Jeff Guaracino).  For a list of all the speakers and what they presented on click here.

One of my favorite presenters was Alan Kelly. He told me later on that being able to present at the IPR Measurement Summit was a “milestone” in terms of sharing his ideas and receiving feedback from those who specialize in measurement. Kelly is the brain behind The Playmaker System which consists of 24 plays (also known as stratagems) that people/organizations use “to improve mutual or competitive advantage through methods and means of influence.”  It is a fascinating idea and I guarantee the names of the plays will make you smile. For example did you know “bear hug” means “to agree overtly” ? Now you do!

Monday’s busy schedule concluded with a traditional New England Lobster bake. It was delicious, beautifully catered, and fun. Plus, there’s nothing like watching a group of professionals crack and eat whole lobsters. We probably should have measured the number of napkins used 😉

Tuesday, October 13th

Tuesday marked the 5th annual meeting of The Conclave on Social Media Measurement Standards. Yes, I realize it’s a lengthy name for a non-profit organization, but I think it adequately describes what the group is about: establishing standards that can be using to measure social media.

Summit 2015-56

Pictured: Taghrid Alsaeed, Tim Marklein, Thomas Stoeckle, and yours truly (Erinn Larson)

It was a smaller group than the day before, but was to everyone’s benefit since there was many high-level discussions that made my brain cells burst in amazement.

As I said to Bill Paarlberg during lunch on Tuesday, it was a bit sad having everyone leave. I explained to him how the last few days had felt like “a measurement camp.”

He replied: “Measurement Camp?? You might be on to something there…”

Whether Measurement Camp becomes a real thing, I have no idea. But I do know I had a spectacular time learning, meeting, and participating in the Summit and the Conclave. And if you want to experience it, then sign up next Fall.

Click here to view the 2015 photo album.

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