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last”]Paine Publishing’s “Measurement Sherpa’s Essentials Package” is your handbook to becoming and/or managing the person who makes the most of an organization’s data: the Measurement Sherpa.

This package includes:

  1. How to hire and manage a Measurement Sherpa
  2. Introducing the Measurement Sherpa
    • 10 Signs you need a Measurement Sherpa
    • What a Measurement Sherpa Does
    • Where to find your Measurement Sherpa
    • How to get the best from your Measurement Sherpa
  3. Begin the Climb: How to start your journey to the Measurement Summitcropped compass
    • 6 reasons why you want to become a Measurement Sherpa
    • The first steps you need to take towards becoming a Measurement Sherpa
    • Critical equipment that every Measurement Sherpa must have
  4. Basic Training for Measurement Sherpas 
    • 6 books that should be in every Measurement Sherpa’s library
    • Dos and don’ts for reporting web & social media analytics
    • Commonly confused PR & social media measurement terms
  5. Advanced Skills Every Sherpa Must Master
    • How to budget for a measurement project
    • 6 keys to managing an RFP process
    • How to conduct a data validity/accuracy test
    • How to calculate cost-benefit analysis
    • How to search a database for obvious errors
    • Know where to find stuff in a hurry
  6. Sherpas in Action
    • Profiles of three Measurement Sherpas
  7. Supporting tools & references
    • Vendor Evaluation Form
    • Vendor RFP Questionnaire for Traditional Media
    • Vendor RFP Questionnaire for Social Media
    • Definitions and explanations of commonly confused measurement terms

All for only $47.95!

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Measurement Sherpa Backpack of Essential Techniques, Tools, and Resources

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