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2024: Small Number, Big Dashboards & Actionable Metrics

Prepare for 2024 with some advice from The Queen Of Measurement.

2024: The Year of Small Numbers, Big Dashboards, Actionable Metrics

I recently expressed my thoughts on what 2024 will bring for PR Measurement to the editors of PR News. Thought I would share those thoughts and a few others. I incorporated...

26 Common Problems PR Pros Face and the Vendors Who Can Solve Them

Learn how to pick the perfect vendor to solve the problems you have
A checklist to use alongside any campaign or program you plan to measure.
All the terms and definitions you’ll need to understand measurement.
Prepared by WOMMA about the Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why of Influencer Marketing.
Use this blank template when you start a new measurement project.
If you are setting up a measurement program and need to establish standard coding terminology, you’ll want this codebook.
Standards for traditional media measurement set by an alliance between CPRF, Global Alliance, IPR, AMEC, and PRSA.
A cross-industry effort to simplify and unify the measurement of social media.
A call to action for new areas of value in public relations, social media, and communications management.
A framework for designing a standards-compliant measurement program.

Standards Compliance Statement for Agencies and Research Firms to Include in Research Reports

All work performed for this project adheres to the voluntary public relations research and measurement standards published by the Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards, available at . The...

The Barcelona Principles

The document that started the measurement standards movement.

Katie Paine’s 6-Step System for Perfect Measurement

Step 1: Define the goal (i.e. what business problem are you solving?) Sit down with your boss, your boss’ boss, your board, or whoever holds the budgetary sword of Damocles...
From dumb to intelligent, easy to difficult, and places in-between, what kind of metrics are you using? Are you measuring in a way that’s best for you and your organization?
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