by Moore (LSU), Pritchard (University of Oklahoma), and Climek (LSU)
by the Institute of Public Relations
by Weiner (PRIME Research), Arnorsdottir (Ketchum), Lang (Ketchum Pleon), and Smith (University of Houston)]
by Rawlins (Brigham Young University), Paine (KDPaine & Partners), and Kowalski (KDPaine & Partners)
by Brad Rawlins (Brigham Young University)
with Wave Theory by Ernest Martin (Virginia Commonwealth University)
by Fussell, Harrison-Rexrode, Kennan, and Hazleton, Radford University
by Eisenmann (Chandler Chicco Companies), O’Neil (Texas Christian University), and Geddes (Geddes Analytics LLC)
by Eisenmann (Chandler Chicco Agency) and Paine (KDPaine & Partners)
by Gomez (Universidad del Este), Borges (Universidad del Este), and Covert (University at Buffalo)
by Hon (University of Florida) and Grunig (University of Florida)
by Anderson (consultant), Hadley (Porter Novelli), Rockland (Ketchum), and Weiner (PRIME Research)
by Paine (KDPaine & Partners), Draper (Millward Brown Precis), and Jeffrey (VMS)
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