Measurement 101 Course-in-a-Box for Professors: Videos & Materials

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Course Materials

 Measurement 101 Course in a Box for Professors comes complete with a syllabus, course materials, resources, and a final exam to accompany the videos, all downloadable in PDF format. Just click on the links below to start your course.

  1. The Syllabus
  2. Why Mesaure? How to use measurement to improve your program, get a raise, earn a promotion, and solve your organization’s problems
  3. How to set SMART measurable objectives
  4. Defining your stakeholders, your key influencers, and setting your benchmarks
  5. Defining your “Kick Butt Index”  — the key metrics you’ll use to measure success
  6. Selecting the right measurement tool to measure your goals
  7. Reporting Results — How to derive insight, analyze results, and create reports that your leadership will love
  8. Bibliography & resources list

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