KBI Now I know how Kleenex feels. In July 0f 2010, my former company KDPaine & Partners launched a product we called the Kick Butt Index (KBI) Development System. To quote from our press release, it “provided organizations large and small with a systematic methodology to achieve consensus on the key metrics by which to measure their success. The KBI solves the most difficult measurement problem for any company: Deciding what to measure and how to measure it.”

We sold quite a few of them, and in the intervening years I’ve given hundreds of lectures telling people that what they needed was their own “Kick Butt Index.”  So I couldn’t be happier to find that all of that evangelism has paid off and the Kick Butt Index has become a generic term that one of my favorite publications is now advocating.

And by the way, if you’re having trouble coming up with your own Kick Butt Index, call me. When I’m not writing blog posts, you can still find me working with organizations to develop their KBIs.

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