Your Marketing Funnel is now a Sieve -- but good PR Metrics can Fix It

The path from awareness to action is incredibly circuitous these days. A single Tweet, controversial quote, or a bad choice by your marketing team can derail the customer journey at any point. 

But a strong reputation, and solid research into the minds of your stakeholders can help patch that leaky funnel. 

Paine will offer specific tips and techniques to do the research to get your customer back on their journey to your goals. 

Measuring Organizational Trust & Relationships

Trust and credibility are crucial to any organization in 2021. But do you know if you have enough? This speech will discuss all the various ways you can evaluate your trust levels. We will also show you how to build your personalized trust index. 

Happily, Ever After or Forever Mad? The Coming Integration of PR, Communications and Marketing

A recent Conference Board study of organizations that have integrated communications into the marketing functions revealed a host of benefits and very little downsides.  The year-long project included interviews with Southwest Airlines, MasterCard, Coca-Cola Asia Pacific, SAP, Cisco, Target, HP, and others. There are five very compelling reasons for this coming integration:

The year-long project included interviews with Southwest Airlines, MasterCard, Coca-Cola Asia Pacific, SAP, Cisco, Target, HP, and others. There are five very compelling reasons for this coming integration:

  • It puts your stakeholders first.
  • It puts everyone in corporate communications on the same page in terms of over-arching goals.
  • Measurement of success is unified and consistent.
  • It provides consistency no matter who’s in charge.
  • It improves internal communications and teamwork.
  • It collapses silos.

For the past three years, Katie Delahaye Paine (aka The Measurement Queen) has been working with organizations who have adopted this approach. To manage the process, they have developed integrated measurement systems that increase efficiency and clearly demonstrate contribution to the bottom line. She will share her expertise and show you how to navigate and measure this brave new integrated world.

Use Big Data to become a Data-Informed PR Superhero

Big data is playing an increasingly large role in the lives of professional communicators. Whether it’s for strategic planning, evaluating results, budgeting or message mapping PR and Communications managers are relying on data to make decisions.

Sophisticated software is making it easier to incorporate multiple data streams into measurement dashboards. Thus, organizations are braiding together data from web analytics, CRM, digital and social data as well as traditional media evaluation and customer satisfaction studies into powerful new dashboards that are propelling improvements in the effectiveness of their communications programs.

Thus, the communications professionals that are embracing big data are quickly turning into the super-heroes for their departments -- providing answers to the tough questions like:

  • If we want to increase trust, is it better to do one big event or many smaller ones?
  • Is social media effective at getting our messages out there?
  • What’s the ROI of involving employees in our social media efforts?
  • What’s the best way to announce our next product? 
  • Does employee engagement help drive customer engagement?

Using case sessions from organizations who have used big data to answer questions like those, we’ll take a deep dive into data. We’ll show how consumer, B2B and non-profit organizations have incorporated big-data into their planning and decision making. Attendees will learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of data mining; how to get the data they need to find the answers they want; where and when to use correlations and statistical analysis; and how to present data in a way that make leadership listen.

Stop Doing Stupid Stuff - Using PR Measurement to Make Better Decisions

With tight budgets and a growing proliferation of tools and techniques to get messages out there, PR pros are increasingly faced with tough decisions on where to put their resources. Only by figuring out what really matters, and then developing specific metrics to measure the programs, can the right choices be made.

If you've ever wondered how to measure social media, public relations, media relations, and your other programs, join us on (fill in date here) to learn from "the queen of measurement", Katie Delahaye Paine, author of Measure What Matters, Measuring the Networked Nonprofit and Measuring Relationships.  You'll discover the tools, tips and techniques to prove the effectiveness of your social media and public relations programs and how to set measurable objectives.

While many people may perceive measurement as a boring, dry topic, Katie consistently leaves her audiences not just informed but entertained. Her talks are a balance of storytelling (including case studies) and practical how-to advice, so attendees can confidently put good measurement programs into practice right away.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop your Kick Butt Index – the first step to accountability
  • Define the benchmark
  • Measure outputs, outtakes, and outcomes
  • Select the right measurement tools
  • Getting to the “a-ha1” moment – extracting insight from your data
  • Measure PR’s impact on your reputation and your relationships

With more than two decades of experience, Katie Delahaye Paine has helped countless organizations achieve consensus around their definitions of success.

How to Measure Social Media: Forget Vanity Metrics and Choose Standards-Compliance

Ever since social media emerged as a major component of the communications and marketing mix, companies have been grappling with how to measure its impact. In 2013, The Conclave – a volunteer-based, non-profit organization of clients, agencies and professional groups, published specific standards for social media measurement. This session will cover what the standards are, what they mean to you, and how to implement them in your organization so that you can genuinely understand social media’s value to your organization.

How to Find Meaning in Your Metrics: Extracting Insight from Your Data

In this interactive, hands-on workshop Paine will review ways to analyze and report on your results using Excel, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and whatever other tools you may have at hand.

Topics include:

  • Before you begin: How to make sure your data is clean, valid, and accurate 
  • Analyzing the data: How to select the right data to deliver what your boss wants to know
  • How to integrate and correlate web analytics, PR media data, and social analytics
  • Reporting results: How to turn data into a great story that your leadership team will never forget

Are We Engaged Yet?  How to Develop Your Engagement Metric

The rise in social media’s influence has turned the entire communications paradigm on its head. Industry professionals have come up with many good ways to measure what humans read, watch, and see by tracking actions and engagement. But ultimately it doesn’t matter what an individual consumer sees, it matters what they do with the information once they’ve received it. In this session, Paine will teach attendees how to select the metrics that matter and create a custom engagement index includes quantitative and qualitative results.

50 Shades of PR ROI

In this lecture, Paine, will tell the stories of dozens of companies, NGOs and government organizations who have proven the true ROI of PR and social media. She will detail how the organizations formulated measurable outcome goals and devised metrics to move them.

Best Practices and Standards in PR and Social Media Measurement

In this lecture, Paine, will cover:

  • Implications of The Barcelona Principles
  • Current state of standards and best practices
  • Case studies of organizations that have implemented Barcelona-compliant measurement programs
  • Ways to wean your boss off AVEs (aka Earned Media Value or Ad Value Equivalents, proscribed by the Barcelona Principles and firmly rejected by all professional organizations.)

Measurement for Non-Profits

This session provides an in-depth consider the specific measurement needs and requirements of not-for-profit organizations. As co-author of Measuring the Networked Non-Profit, Paine offers and brings her years of measurement experience to the burgeoning field of metrics for non-profits.

Topics include:

  • Establishing S.M.A.R.T. objectives
  • Measuring and improving social fundraising,
  • How to select non-profit friendly measurement tools
  • Measuring networks and transparency

High-Quality, Budget-Friendly Measurement

Computers, alongside the growth of the internet, have made measurement affordable for the masses, so cost is no longer a valid excuse for not being accountable. In this session, Paine will review the principles of measurement and describe specific tactics and tools to measure your organization’s results for little or no money.