There aren’t many of us, but we’re mighty. We help demonstrate success, and prove that dumb ideas don’t work. We love data and we love insight even more. We’re math lovers and problem solvers. And chances are pretty good, we’re working late on Valentine’s Day.  So if tonight you’re up to your ears in scattergrams and spider charts or you have a hot date with Mr. Pearson or Mr. Krippendorf, take a break and listen up. Here’s a little Valentine from Paine Publishing: Our top ten favorite measurement songs (Who knew there were so many songs about the things we love?)  Tell us your favorites and we’ll add them to the list.

1. The Variables Song

2. Hey Statistics

3. The Measurement Song

4. I Love Charts 

5. A Measuring Song

6. Measure, Yeah, Measure

7. Measure and Measure

8. The Way We Measure

9. Brush Up Your Shakespeare (okay,  it’s only got one meausurement line at the end, but who can resist Cole Porter)

10.  Seasons of Love (How do you measure…)












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