5 minutes clockTime is precious, we get it. So if you’re in a rush, yet still seeking the absorption of valuable knowledge, then we encourage you to check out these 5 links:

1) “The New York Times Built a Slack Bot to Help Decide Which Stories to Post to Social Media” by Shan Wang
“The bot, named Blossom, helps predict how stories will do on social and also suggests which stories editors should promote.” Read More.
Why you should read it: It provides an interesting look at the performance of humans versus technology.

2) “5 Key Challenges in Sentiment Analysis” by Nancy Lazarus
Experts share their perspectives on handling 5 continual issues in sentiment analysis. Read More.
Why you should read it: It ties in beautifully with The Conclave on Social Media Measurement‘s standard that says sentiment might be overrated.

3) “It’s 2015 — You’d Think We’d Have Figured Out How To Measure Web Traffic By Now” by Sam Dean
Is it possible to correctly report web traffic with differing sets of numbers? Read More.
Why should you read it: It will challenge what you believe about impressions (perhaps even more than Katie’s writings like this have so far).

4) “The Difference Between Web Reporting and Web Analysis” by Avinash Kaushik
They may sound similar but here’s why they are not synonyms. Read More.
Why you should read it: “Avinash is THE Web Analytics Guru…so whatever he writes is gospel.” -Katie Paine

5) “Personality Insights from IBM Watson Developer Cloud”
This link is a bit of a wildcard mainly because it’s interactive, but experiment with it if you have time. Read More.
Why you should read it: The test presented is a fun, possible alternative to the Myers-Briggs. Plus who doesn’t enjoy getting feedback about their personality?!

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