Time flies (whether or not fun is being had…which naturally we hope it is). So if your time is limited, yet you are still seeking the absorption of valuable knowledge, then we encourage you to check out these 5 links:

1) Social Media ROI: Lessons from eBay, McKinsey, and Unilever by Joel Windels
Three big brands explore how to measure the value of social media.  Read More.
Why you should read it: It’s thought provoking (and possibly comforting).

2) Why Reputation is Important When it Comes to Email Marketing by Charles Mburugu
Quick tips for strengthening your online reputation. Read More.
Why you should read it: C’mon…Don’t you want advice to have people read the emails you send?

3) 7 Components of a Killer Headline by Jackline Kalyonge
An infographic that pinpoints where your headlines need tweaking. Read More.
Why you should read it: It contains important advice, plus there’s data behind it.

4) Study Confirms Correlation Between Twitter and T.V. Ratings by Nielsen
The details behind one reason Twitter is powerful. Read More.
Why you should read it:  It’s an actual study with actual numbers. 🙂

5) Why and How the Barcelona Principles Revisions are Hurting PR by Gini Dietrich
The author challenges the “wordsmithing” that recently occurred. Read More.
Why you should read it: The Barcelona Principles are a hot topic right now and it’s cool to be informed.



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