Sept 5

Happy September! Here’s a new round of “Got 5 Minutes? Here are 5 Links to Check Out” :

2) “Why Social Data Analysis Needs Human Understanding” by Chris Waldburger
An article about “the process of understanding digital data.” Read More.
Why you should read it: Solid reminder that human analysis is unique and much-needed.

3) “The Secrets of Customer Segmentation Strategy” by Sora Wondra
An article about why segmenting your users is a strategy you should employ. Read More.
Why you should read it: Helpful information (contains definitions, examples, AND tips).

4) “10 Facts About the Changing Digital News Landscape” by Katerina Eva Matsa and Kristine Lu
An article about how “rapid digital shifts are reshaping Americans’ news habits.” Read More.
Why you should read it: Not just 1, but 10 key findings!

5) “Nothing Out of the Question: Using Online Surveys to Improve and Grow” by Jeff Rum
An article about how AND why an organization benefits from conducting surveys. Read More.
Why you should read it: Does a great job of outlining the benefits (and may motivate you to create a survey afterwards).

If you are interested in perusing the other rounds of links we handpicked for you then here you go:

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