Happy June to you! Here’s a fresh round of “Got 5 Minutes? Here are 5 Links to Check Out” :

1) “Could Facebook be Shaping Up to Challenge LinkedIn?” by Andrew Hutchinson
This article examines the platforms’ algorithms and how the interests of users are recorded. Read More.
Why you should read it: It’ll help you understand the specific actions they use when understanding you & fellow users.

2) “Why Account-Based Marketing Will Unite Sales and Marketing in a Single Organization” by Shail Khiyara
This article focuses on the many perks of account-based marketing (ABM). Read More.
Why you should read it: Katie has been saying this for years so it’s extra cool that now organizations are finally doing it.

3) “What’s the Content of the Selfie Generation?” by Shaul Olmert
This article discusses the importance of interactive formats. Read More.
Why you should read it: It focuses on the logic behind the popularity of selfies.

4) “News Across Social Media Platforms 2016” by Jeffrey Gottfried and Elisa Shearer
This article presents the findings from a Pew Research Center study done earlier this year. Read More.
Why you should read it: It contains recent research about how people consume news.

5) “The Future of Work in 5 Charts” by The Cooper Review
This article showcases humorous charts about workplace behaviors. Read More.
Why you should read it: It’s funny.

What about the other rounds of links we gathered for you? Here you go:

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