Happy Summer! Here’s a new batch of five things you need to read.

1) If you think Social is driving revenue, you’ve got it all wrong. A study by folks at the Harvard Business School show that there is no connection between engagement and revenue. In fact it works the other way.
Why you should read it:  If you don’t, you could be challenged by your CFO on this one.  Read it here

2) Awareness is NOT a proxy for revenue. Glean.Info’s Bill Comcowich challenges the argument that Awareess is a good PR metric. In many cases, I agree.
Why you should read it:  You need to understand the difference between awareness and behavior.  Read it here

3) All the answers is less than five minutes  I sat down with the good folks at Greenough PR and answered all the questions they had about measurement.
Why you should read it:  You’ll probably be asked at least one of these in the near future. Read it here

4) Get ready for your next crisis. Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times  provides an interesting perspective on consumer activitism and its impact on brand. Read More.
Why you should read it:  Chances are good that sooner or later you WILL face an an angry backlash.

5) If you think that Fake News doesn’t hurt you, think again.  Ryan O’Keeffe of Italian energy giant Enel, talks about the cost of losing control of your reputation. Read More.  And here’s a piece on how its done. 
Why you should read it:  If you have a visible brand, chances are good that there’s a bot waiting to attack you.


5/5 (1)
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