Happy Spring! Here’s a new batch of five things you need to read.

1) How Powerful is Facebook’s AlgorithmThe Inquiry, BBC World Service  – Amazing piece on the power, and danger of algorithms in our lives.
Why you should read it:  Algorithms are already running our lives.  You need to know more about them. Listen now. 

2) “Five Steps To the Perfect Dashboard”- by Seth Arenstein, PR News.  Great summary of the presentation I gave with Johna Burke at this year’s PR News Measurement ConferenceRead More.
Why you should read it:  Sooner or later you WILL need a dashboard.

3) “Six Key Takeaways from the “Paying for News” Report.  By Chris Sutcliffe,  The Media Briefing. Over 50% of adults in the US are still paying for news plus other fascinating data on our media habits. Read More
Why you should read it:  You need to pay attention to where people get news, not on those old “Top Tier Media” lists.

4) “Stop Doing Stupid Stuff” ” By Marcus Kaulback, Agiliaty PR. The wrap up of the advice I gave during the Bulldog Webnar Read More
Why you should read it: Who wants to do more stupid stuff?

5) “How the Techniques of 19th Century Fake News Tell Us Why We Fall for it Today. by Petra McGillen, Niemen Lab. Fake news is nothing new and we keep falling for it.  Read More
Why you should read it: Forewarned is forearmed.


5/5 (1)
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