the number five

Happy Almost Spring! Here’s a new round of “Got 5 Minutes? Here are 5 Links to Check Out” :

1) “Algorithms’ Dark Side: Embedding Bias into Code”  by Ariella Brown, All Analyltics.
You may not want to trust that algorithm.” Read More
Why you should read it: We are increasingly relying on algorithm to tell us what is working and what’s not. But you may not want to trust them.

2) “Fake News: PR’s Little Monster”  by Alan Kelly
Fake News is nothing new to PR, according to Kelly who argues its what we’ve been doing for years. Read More
Why you should read it: Everyone needs a provocateur’s perspective from time to time.

3) From Counting Clips to Data Analysis : My Q&A with DataScoutingI sat down with Data Scouting’s  who grilled me on fake news and eroding trust. Read More
Why you should read it: Sooner or later, you’ll need to navigate the intersection between data analysis and PR measurement.

4) “Beware the bots: are your Twitter influencers real or not? By Chantelle Brule, Agility PR Solutions
Great advice on how to tell whether those tweets that talk about you are real or robots.  Read More
Why you should read it:  You need to know the difference between real and fake.

5) “Core Measurements that matter with the PR Measurement” My interview with Arketi Group
What you really really need to measure.   Read More
Why you should read it: With all the metrics available today, you need to prioritize your resources.

5/5 (1)
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