Measurement Maestro (Enterprise level)

$997.00 / year


Every organization today is being pressured to be more accountable, which is why we created a Measurement Maestro level specifically around the urgent need to train more employees to transform data into insight and demonstrate the value of what your department does.  Our measurement Maestro level includes access to all our eBooks and training guides as well as discounted rates for our training programs.   Let us help you transform your team into data-informed advisors to senior leadership.


The Measurement Maestro Enterprise Level includes:
  • Access to all our premium content
  • Access to all our guides and eBooks
  • Access to Tutorial videos and webinars
  • Access to online course replays
  • A 25% discount to Measurement Base Camp for up to 2 employees a year
  • Access to 3 hours of consulting time with Katie Paine per year (available for annual subscriptions only.)


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