Overall, Katie Delahaye Paine speeches address the intersection of PR, communications, and measurement, providing practical insights and frameworks to help professionals make informed decisions and demonstrate the value of their efforts.

Some of the key topics she talks about include:

  • PR Measurement: Paine emphasizes the importance of measuring the impact and effectiveness of PR efforts. She provides insights into different measurement frameworks, metrics, and methodologies to help organizations assess the value of their PR activities.
  • Social Media Analytics: Paine focuses on understanding and analyzing social media data to derive meaningful insights. She discusses techniques for measuring social media engagement, sentiment analysis, influencer marketing, and social media ROI.
  • Metrics and KPIs: Paine delves into the selection and development of key performance indicators (KPIs) for PR and communications. She guides professionals in identifying metrics that align with organizational goals and how to track progress and demonstrate the value of PR efforts.
  • Reputation Management: Paine explores strategies for managing and measuring reputation in the digital age. She provides guidance on monitoring online conversations, assessing sentiment, and leveraging data to proactively protect and enhance an organization’s reputation.
  • Crisis Communications: Paine offers insights into measuring the effectiveness of crisis communications strategies. She discusses the importance of preparedness, real-time monitoring, and evaluating response strategies during crises.
  • ROI and Value of PR: Paine is known for her expertise in measuring the return on investment (ROI) and demonstrating the value of PR activities. She shares methodologies to quantify the impact of PR efforts on brand reputation, customer perception, sales, and other business outcomes.
  • Data-driven Decision Making: Paine advocates for data-driven decision making in PR and communications. She discusses the integration of data analytics into strategic planning, campaign optimization, and resource allocation.
  • Measuring true engagement from the audience out:  Counting column inches and impressions is irrelevant in an era where a single YouTube video enjoys a larger audience than the World Series, and the average consumer is bombarded with 5000 messages a day. Measuring true engagement assess what your audience read, watch and trust. This talk discusses a variety of definitions of engagement and how to create a customized engagement index.
  • Measurement for Non-Profits:  An in-depth look into the specific measurement needs and requirements of not-for-profit organizations. As the co-author of her award winning  book, Measuring the Networked Non-profit, Paine brings her years of measurement experience to the burgeoning field of metrics for non-profits. She will cover: Establishing SMART objectives, measuring and improving social fundraising, measurement tools for non-profits as well as measuring networks and transparency.
  • Measurement on the cheap: The computer has made measurement affordable for the masses, so cost is no longer a good excuse for not being accountable. This session reviews the principles of measurement and describes specific tactics and tools to measure results for little or no money.

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