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10 Ways Katie Can Help You & Your Organization

  1. Developing custom metrics that reflect accomplishments and how they tie to the bottom line
  2. Designing and implementing an integrated communications dashboard
  3. Creating a measurement and evaluation system that is in compliance with published industry standards
  4. Incorporating GA4 metrics into your measurement program to show PRs contribution to goals
  5. Getting rid of vanity metrics and replacing them with metrics that prove you rvalue
  6. Defining SMART (and actionable) objectives for PR and social media
  7. Producing an evaluation report that will impress senior leadership
  8. Designing and implementing an internal communications measurement program
  9. Defining consistent measure of success that align results from earned, owned and paid media so you can compare the effectiveness of all campaigns/programs
  10. Teaching your communications team best practices in measurement and evaluation
Katie Paine

Measurement Audits

Research shows that as much as 50% of data in social media is generated by spammers, robots, and pay-per-click websites. Katie Delahaye Paine’s years of experience have led her to develop an automated filtering and quality improvement for your media monitoring data.

Additionally, many organizations have objectives that are not being accurately evaluated by their existing measurement systems. Katie Delahaye Paine has more then three decades of designing measures of success that align with business goals.

If you are questioning the validity or the relevance of your existing measurement methods, before you start a vendor search, contact us. We can also help you determine which methods are most appropriate for your needs and goals. Call Katie today at 603-682-0735 or email her:

Dashboard Design & Implementation

As the world of communications grows in size and complexity, organizations of all types are developing integrated dashboards not only to keep track of different functions, but also to better understand how different functions interact with each other. Katie Delahaye Paine has helped hundreds of organizations design and implement integrated dashboards that help organizations understand the impact that various communications functions have on each other and on the bottom line.

For example, Katie’s dashboards have helped organizations understand:

  • How effective earned vs. paid media is in generating preference and consideration.
  • The impact that external media has on employee engagement and internal communications
  • Which efforts are most effective and most efficient at increasing trust.
  • How new product outreach impacts corporate reputation.
  • How social media engagement impacts news coverage and digital marketing efforts.

Help organizations define KPIs that show the contribution of communications to corporate priorities

After three decades of designing and implementing measurement systems for hundreds of organizations, Katie Delahaye Paine has developed a process that ensures senior management and their communications departments reach consensus on specific definitions of success as well as specific metrics to measure progress.

She has extensive expertise in the following industries:

  • Not-for-profit
  • Healthcare
  • Defense
  • Higher Education
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Government Agencies

In-house custom coaching

Our customized training programs are designed around your organization’s needs. Each element needed to bring your measurement program to the next level and into compliance with industry standards is customized to meet the specific requirements of your organization, industry and marketplace.

Element 1: The Measurement Audit

Every measurement program starts with a clear definition of goals and objectives. But for many companies this is easier said than done. Invariably there can be very different sets of priorities, expectations and definitions of success. Which is why we have designed our workshops to build consensus around those definitions as well as define the metrics and Key Performance Indicators you will need to implement your measurement program.

We begin with a customized survey that you can administer to your team and management to determine what they see as the goals and objectives for your program.

We then audit all current measurement practices and programs.

Element 2: The Custom Measurement Workshop (s)

Once we have a good understanding of your organizations needs and expectations around measures of success, we conduct a series of interactive workshops to bring all team members up to speed on the current standards and best practices in the field of measurement. The workshop will be taught by Katie Delahaye Paine.

Element 3: Conclusions and Recommendations

After the workshop, we provide a write up of our recommendations and the survey results. Included in our report will be a recommendation for bespoke metrics as well as tools.

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