Visit Philly Is Measurement Maven of the Month

Visit Philly logoAt two different measurement conferences recently I heard really interesting, compelling measurement case studies about the same subject: Visit Philadelphia. The first was from Kevin Lessard, who has since left Visit Philly to head up communications at Philadelphia’s department of commerce. The second was from Matt Smith, the social media specialist at Visit Philly.

(I’m not surprised; last fall my former client Jeff Guaracino was named president and CEO of Visit Philly. Back in 2013 we named him Maven of the Month for his work with the Atlantic City Alliance, and obviously, he is not slacking off.)

Now, I’ll take a little credit for educating their boss in the finer points of media measurement, but Kevin and Matt have taken it to a whole new level. They’ve incorporated social media, Google Analytics, A/B testing, and a host of other good stuff into their regular reporting practices.

For all those reasons, we are naming Jeff, Kevin, Matt, and the other good folks at Visit Philadelphia the Measurement Mavens of the Month. Congrats! ∞

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