The New York Times Is the Measurement Maven of the Month

Visit this page for a list of our articles on COVID-19 communications measurement.

The New York Times has done an amazing job helping us understand the realities behind the data on the COVID-19 pandemic. To date they have run data visualizations and stories about:

The Times’ data visualizations have always been exceptional, but these are especially valuable now, as so many people struggle to understand how and why life as we know it is changing. The New York Times deserves particular kudos for how they mine data (and you know how much we love data mining) and then turn that data into beautiful, compelling visuals that anyone can understand. That’s a lesson for all of us. So if you’re lookng for inspiration on how to more effectively report on your data, click on the links above.

Congrats (and thank you!) to The New York Times, our Measurement Maven of the Month! ∞

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