The More Things Change, The More We Adapt

If you’ve read The Measurement Advisor over the past ten years, you already know that it is the only publication dedicated to communications measurement. Over that time, we’ve communicated A LOT on the topic. But we also practice what we preach, which is why, when we looked at our metrics, we decided that a complete overhaul was necessary.

Like any website that was created a decade ago, it had become a virtual attic of old treasures. It contained some interesting information, but no one (not even Chat GPT) had the fortitude to hunt around to find them. We are pleased to announce that, thanks to more than a year of hard work on the part of our friends at Savoir Faire, not only can those hidden treasures now be found, but many are free! 

We’ll still provide you with all the training, knowledge and insights about measurement that you need, now in new, more convenient formats. All the old and new Measurement Advisor content can now be found on our new Measurement Advisor Blog. 

And, if you want more comprehensive help with your measurement questions, we have a number of tailored memberships designed to meet your needs. There’s the Academy membership for those of you working in higher ed, the Measurement Club for Non-Profits that features our ebooks and articles on measuring not-for-profit organizations, the Measurement Ace membership for solo practitioners, the Measurement Marquis level for larger agencies and the Measurement Maestro level for large enterprises. Each membership is designed to meet the needs and answer the questions that our subscribers and followers have expressed over the years.

So, check out the new and we’ll help you navigate your communications measurement journey.  
Faithfully yours, 

Katie Delahaye Paine
Paine Publishing, LLC 

P,S, As always, if you have any questions, email me at

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