Partners + Napier Is the Measurement Maven of the Month

Partners + Napier was one of the presenters at PRSA’s Northeast District Conference earlier this month. Normally at these sorts of events I sit in the audience and tweet bash any presenters that mention AVEs or EMV, and provide occasional snarky commentary. Within the first few minutes someone mentioned AVEs, so I was prepared for the worst.

Yet soon afterwards, Pete VonDerLinn, Executive Creative Director at Partners + Napier, got up to showcase their integrated communications program on behalf of Friendship Dairies. The program was designed to make cottage cheese cool, so you can imagine that it wasn’t an easy assignment. I’m probably the only person I know that still eats it regularly, and I can’t remember anyone under the age of 40 ever asking for it. But, like all good Measurement Mavens they focused on the real goal for the company, boosting sales and store traffic.

Sure, they did some very clever stuff: rebranding, in-store pairing with other brands to create recipes, social media, and influencer marketing. But the bottom-line results were what most impressed me:

  • A 625 % increase in store traffic,
  • 11,000 new first-time buyers, and
  • A nearly 9% increase in sales.

Best of all, no mention of impressions, AVE, or EMV anywhere!

And so we are proud to name Partners + Napier our Measurement Maven of the Month. Congrats!

This just in: The New York Times has announced a revival in interest in cottage cheese. A tribute to the effectiveness of our Measurement Maven, no doubt. ∞

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