Sam Ruchlewicz Is Measurement Maven of the Month

Sam Ruchlewicz, Director of Digital Strategy and Data Analytics at Warshawski, had me at “Avinash Kaushik is my hero.” How could I not swoon at what followed? Bottom line is that I’ve heard a lot of measurement presentations (and I give many myself), but I can honestly say that Sam’s presentation at the PRSA Maryland annual conference may have been the best ever. He tosses out almost all traditional metrics, and starts, as one should, with goals.

What makes his approach truly special is how he measures against those goals. None of the typical lofty but seemingly impossible-to-define metrics that typify the standard measurement presentation. His are mostly based on stakeholder actions. Metrics like:

  • Repeat visitors per placement,
  • Marginal increase in search,
  • Conversion rates,
  • Profit per placement, and
  • A few bespoke calculations that went by too rapidly for me to jot down, but are easily within the realm of any good Google Analytics wrangler.

Congrats to Sam Ruchlewicz, our Measurement Maven of the Month!

P.S. I’m hoping he’ll do a reprise of his presentation at this year’s Summit on the Future of Measurement, since his approach is definitely part of that future. ∞

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