Rachel Forrest is Measurement Maven of the Month

At this year’s Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement, Rachel Forrest, Communications Lead, Measurement & Analytics at Southwest Airlines, presented the compelling story of how Southwest uses social media to identify and manage crises. Here she is in action:

But that’s not the only reason we chose her for this month’s Measurement Maven.

She was relatively new to her job at Southwest when she arrived at last year’s 2018 Summit. She impressed us then with her enthusiasm for metrics and data analytics. Her work over the past year has proven that we set our expectations too low. She is a true data analytics rock star. She’s not just into numbers, she’s into using numbers and data to solve real problems. Like identifying a budding crisis, and figuring out how to best manage an existing one.

Southwest has a long history of producing Measurement Mavens. We named Linda Rutherford, now Senior Vice President & Chief Communications Officer at Southwest, a Maven back in 2013. Cindy Villafranca, Head of Communications Measurement and Analytics at Southwest, earned the moniker in 2016.

So clearly there’s something in the Dallas water, or actually, the Southwest Airlines culture. Rachel is in good company. In a world of measurement mavens, she’s proven herself a star. Congrats to Rachel Forrest, our Measurement Maven of the Month! ∞

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