Philip Odiakose is Measurement Maven of the Month

Philip Odiakose

While considering candidates for Measurement Maven for our first issue of 2017, we thought it should be someone both international and visionary. Philip Odiakose of P+ Measurement Services, Nigeria, became an obvious choice.

Odiakose first came to our attention as one of the most frequent re-tweeters and re-posters of our content. (Yes, we are a sucker for sharers.) We then started to notice the passion with which he advocated for good PR measurement. He has lead the charge for the creation of an independent body for PR measurement in Nigeria. “It is not right for [an agency] to be the accused, the judge and jury of its own work. Having an Independent Monitoring and Measurement association will break such unethical practices and bridge the gap between PR agencies and independent measurement practitioners,” he said.

He an indefatigable opponent of AVEs, in a country where 70% of measurement still uses them. His advocacy for and championing of the Barcelona Principles serves as a model to other countries. Last year Philip’s company co-hosted, with Media Monitoring Services, Ghana, an AMEC Measurement Month forum to sensitize PR agencies, communications managers, and media practitioners on the importance of integrating measurement and evaluation into their communications strategies.

Congrats to Philip Odiakose, our first Measurement Maven of the Month for 2017. It’s an auspicious beginning for the new year. ∞

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