Is it Time to Rethink the Net Promoter Score?

The Value of NPS?

For the past few years, a lot of people have called Net Promoter Score (NPS) the Silver Bullet/Holy Grail of metrics. A number that “actually” tells you how many people are willing to promote your product…?!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been annoyed by Net Promoter Score for a while (but maybe it’s because I’m your typically busy, impatient marketing type). But seriously folks, it we actually responded to all the requests to fill out surveys after visiting a site, buying a product, or using a service, we’d  never have time to actually use those products/services. How many do you actually respond to? And if you’re not responding. who is? Has anyone actually looked into who is responding to these things and whether they even qualify as a target stakeholder?

The reality is that the NPS scores may have reached the tipping point from good idea to ridiculous annoying intrusive gimmick. So, naturally, I was delighted to see that some people are actually working on a better version. Let’s hope they come up with an alternative soon.

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4 thoughts on “Is it Time to Rethink the Net Promoter Score?”

  1. Katie,

    Congratulations on your new site. The Net Promoter Score has troubled me, too, because it may tell you “how you’re doing” on its single-dimension score, but it tells you nothing about “why” and “what should be done about it.” More and more, top companies seek research that provides actionable insight. the Net Promoter Score is neither actionable or insightful.

    Best wishes in your new endeavors.


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