No Brainer Metrics for Whatever Your Challenge

Rubrik's cube yes please

(Please note: This piece originally appeared as a free article in the late June 2016 edition of The Measurement Advisor newsletter.)

Increasingly, PR professionals are tasked with measuring tasks that don’t fall neatly into the normal categories of PR measurement. What used to be a “PR” function, like disseminating news, is increasingly happening in “social media.” Additionally, more and more PR folks are tasked with managing and measuring events, content marketing, among other things. However, while the job functions and responsibilities have expanded dramatically, the only thing that hasn’t changed is the need for simple metrics for those activities.

We also know that measurement in non-commercial arenas has challenges of its own. So we took the areas around which we get the most questions and assembled the answers in the slide deck below. These slides provides metrics for 4 functional areas and 3 verticals:

No Brainer Metrics for 7 Communications Challenges from Paine Publishing

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