Nicole Moreo is Measurement Maven of the Month

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Nicole Moreo is head of customer insights for North America at LinkedIn. She has been a leading proponent of excellent communications measurement for decades. I have to confess I was surprised that we hadn’t already named her one of our Measurement Mavens of the Month. Over the years we’ve bumped into each other virtually or IRL at various conferences. I’ve always paid attention to what she’s talking about because it’s not just good advice for the audience, but it frequently foretells the future direction of measurement.

I ran into her at last week’s Ragan Media Relations and Measurement Conference, and as usual she didn’t disappoint. Her tutorial promoting the virtues of PR pros becoming data scientists was spot on. And her guidance on how to get more insights from data was pure gold. For example:

  • You don’t need shiny tools. You need to ask the right questions.
  • If you aren’t an analytics person, find a data person to help.
  • People live their best life on Instagram. They live their real life on Google search. 

In her new role as head of customer insights for Linked In, I can only imagine the data she gets to play with and the insights she will find. For her consistent advocacy of data science for PR, and for her always excellent advice, we name Nicole Moreo our Measurement Maven of the Month. Congrats! ∞

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