Measurement Menaces of the Month: Those Companies Who Have Not Pledged to Support Standards

clenched fist with rulerMeasurement’s .01% are those people and their firms who have worked on, given lip service to, and talked about how great measurement standards are, but have not publicly pledged to adhere to them. Am I the only one who wonders why, after years of effort, we finally publish standards and only four companies have come out and pledged to support them?

Maybe it’s the measurement queen in me, but the way I do the calculations, 4 people out of the 48 trustees of IPR, 40 members of AMEC, 100+ members of The Council of PR Firms, and 21000 members of PRSA equals less than .01%. This .01% gets our Measurement Menace of the Month award. Come on people, put your measurement where your mouth is. ∞ (image: thanks, in part, to Brendan Ruck)

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