Measurement Menaces of the Month: Companies that Dump AVEs Overseas


Six years ago the Barcelona Principles passed with broad international support. But there is copious evidence that AVEs are still alive and well in many countries. Despite broad international consensus on the evils of AVE, the bogus and counter-productive measurement practice continues. Mostly, according to my in-country sources, due to pressure from U.S.-based headquarters.

As we read these reports from around the globe, it became very clear that this AVE use was driven by the major brands that continue to define AVE as a “measure” of success. And so we name these brands our Measurement Menaces of the Month.

This month’s Menaces frequently and publicly support the Barcelona Principles at home, but somehow lose their commitment when it comes to measurement of efforts overseas. These brands are no better than the “environmentally responsible” companies that for years dumped their hazardous electronic waste overseas, while laying claim to ecological responsibility at home (where strict laws prevented such dumping).

Until we see these brands fully embrace the Barcelona Principles and adopt global PR measurement standards that do not include AVE, we will never rid ourselves of this scourge. ∞

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