Measurement Menaces of the Month: CCOs Who Still Believe in AVES

The recent Nasdaq survey of CCOs found that 77% of them still believe in Ad Value Equivalency (AVE) as a valid KPI. This statistic is truly appalling, yet somehow enlightening.

For years I’ve been talking to PR people all over the world who consistently complain that management “demands AVE.” Meanwhile, surveys of PR people have shown a steady decline in the invalid metric’s use. AMEC—a PR measurement trade association— cites its research that shows the client demand for AVEs has dropped from 80% in 2010 to just 18% this year.

The logical explanation is that while mid-level managers are trying to show real value and improve overall evaluation practices, it’s  senior leadership that is blocking the way to good measurement — leadership that is addicted to outdated invalid metrics.

So… I have only one question of these Measurement Menaces: “WTF CCO’s? Can’t you please retire and let younger smarter folks clean up the messes you’ve made?”  In the meantime, congrats on our Measurement Menace of the Month Award.  And if you’re reading this and hate AVEs as much as we do. there may be reason to hope.

(Thanks to burrowowl for the image.)

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