Measurement Maven of the Year for 2019 – -Heather Fysh

This is one of those columns I write with just a little trepidation. It’s kind of like when your favorite restaurant is praised as a “hidden gem,” and gets a 4-star rating by The New York Times. You’re happy, yet you know you may never get a reservation again. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this hidden gem of a measurement maven won’t be too busy to help me out in 2020.

I first met Heather Fysh, now Director of Insights at Covalent Bonds, almost 13 years ago when she was working at a bank in Berlin, NH. She joined us at KDPaine & Partners and quickly learned the ropes and became a star. She worked unbelievably hard, and was willing to tackle anything we threw at her.

After I started Paine Publishing, she became my go-to resource when my clients needed measurement audits and other complicated projects. After she got her second advanced degree—this one in data analytics—she became the Dashboard Diva. Now she teaches dashboard development at our annual Measurement Base Camp, and guides clients through the implementation of the dashboards I design. In her day job she does amazing things with Google Analytics, unifying metrics.

But her technical skills aren’t the only thing that qualify her as Maven of the Year, it’s her ability to continuously deliver the impossible. Getting an email from her at 10 pm and another update at 3 am, is not at all unusual. She can jump between data analysis and media analysis at the drop of a hat, and manages to explain things to coders and clients in ways they always understand. Heather is one of the people that make Paine Publishing (and Covalent Bonds) the success that it is.

So for her remarkable dedication, skills and just being amazing, we award Heather Fysh our Measurement Maven of the Year. Congratulations Heather! ∞

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