Mary Miller is Measurement Maven of the Month


This piece originally appeared as a free article in the Early November edition of The Measurement Advisor newsletter.

Elsewhere in this issue of The Measurement Advisor we’re advocating for integrating employee communications and culture metrics into your dashboard. So we felt it was only proper that we present our Measurement Maven of the Month Award to someone who actually did just that: Mary Miller of MillerComms.

A year or so ago, Mary and I were just completing an extensive process of designing and implementing her corporate communications dashboard. During this lengthy undertaking metrics and data flew in and out of the dashboard almost daily, but there was one constant: culture metrics. Whenever I suggested trimming a metric here or there to keep things simple, the culture metrics were off limits. Mary went to extraordinary lengths to make sure we had the data we needed so that whenever results were discussed, internal communications would be part of the conversation.

Since that time, Mary has restarted her performance communications consulting firm, MillerComms, and continues to advocate for measurement. She defines performance communications as, “measurable business  results from engaged employees.”  She is a member of the Conclave on Social Media Measurement Standards and (perhaps by the time we run this) will be a member of the IPR Measurement Commission.  Email her at

Congrats to Mary Miller, our October Measurement Maven! ∞

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